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Your Ultimate Guide to Gmail Ads


Gmail ads are interactive ads that you can see at the top of your inbox. If you click a Gmail ad that is collapsed, then it easily expands just like your typical email. The expanded Gmail ad which is the same size of an email can have embedded forms, videos, as well as images. Gmail ads are available in countries where Google is able to reach them. Gmail ads are one way of connecting with people where feel as if you are with them personally.


If you want to know more about Gmail ads, then this article will give you just that. Below are some facts that you need to know.


How does Gmail ads work?

A Gmail ad shows itself first in collapsed form. If you click on this ad, then it will expand to an e-mail sized space that can be utilized for a number of advertising methods with the likes of videos or embedded forms.


You as well as other people are able to interact with the expanded ad in a number of ways depending on the layout of the ad. People are able to click to go to your website, fill out a form, or play a video or when they are on their smart phone, they can quickly click to go to an application store or you can also call.


You will not be charged for your Gmail expanded ad at this link if people will be interacting with it. You will only be charged once when your ad will be clicked the first time by any user.



Gmail ads are email ready

When it comes to Gmail ads, people who will be clicking its star icon will be able to expand your ad so that they can save it. They can also save it when they clink on the blue Save button at the bottom portion of your message. Many people can also forward or send your expanded ads to another person in the form of an email message.


Gmail ads are mobile friendly

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